Our Beers

Big chair IPA

O.G.:  16 Degrees Plato IBU:  85 Specialty Grains: 
Crystal 60 degrees

In a city known for its national monuments, The Big Chair is the District’s own monument standing tall in Anacostia. Big Chair IPA is Chocolate City Beer’s monument to the East Coast (First Coast) brewing tradition, a blend of five different hops balanced with rich malt sweetness.

Cerveza Nacional de la Capital

Cerveza Nacional de la Capital is a salute to our Latin American neighbors and their influences on the American beer world. Affectionately known as Cerveza Nacional, its our take on a dark, malty, creamy, smooth and slightly roasty Vienna Lager. Salud!

Cornerstone Copper Ale

O.G.:  1.056 IBU:  27 Specialty Grains: 
Munich, Crystal

Here in NE DC, CCB is building a brand to last. To succeed in that, we need a sound foundation. Cornerstone Copper Ale is a well balanced Copper Ale comprised of German malts and European noble hops. An ale we can build upon.

1814 ESB

O.G.:  1.054 IBU:  17 Specialty Grains: 
Maris Otter, Golden Promise

After the Battle of Bladensburg the British Army burned Washington to the ground….we ain’t bitter! We’ve realized the best revenge is living well. Please enjoy our British-style session bitter’s smooth maltiness and finely balanced hops.