The Art and Science of Brewing (sort of)

Folks, there are several ways I could start this article.  I could go on poetically about the ‘art and science of brewing’, pausing to contemplate the simple organisms that transforms humble starch and sugar, adding my voice to throngs of others. 

I could treat you to ionic equations in word story form and thrill you with tinseth formulas galore, only to leave you scratching your head and wondering where I can still find pocket protectors and slide rules and what these numbers have to do with anything. 

I could tell you about all the plans I’ve laid to produce local beer in my home town, the ever-growing anticipation manifesting itself in the pit of my stomach and the knots in my shoulders, how each step forward and each small setback seem more painful than the one before, each night wishing we could just brew already. 

All of those would be fine, but I think the most important thing I can convey is the privilege of this opportunity, the sense of pride that will be bursting from every ounce of beer we make and the overwhelming desire to raise up DC’s craft brewing flag after it was laid aside so long ago.  

– Ben The Brewer